how alive? too alive.

And I would say I love you,
but saying it out loud is hard;
so I won’t say it at all,
and I won’t stay very long.

But you are life I needed all along,
I think of you as my brother,
although that sounds dumb.

And words are futile devices.

my face
my kandi
my soul

about me

My name’s Marissa, I’m 25 (Dec. 31st). I live in Sacramento. I graduated school with my degree in visual communications (graphic design). I want to design graphic novels, or become a storyboard artist. I write, draw, sing, make music, make jewelry (kandi/hemp/wire), photoedit, photograph, design, explore, exist (sometimes), disappear, escape, fly. <3

None of this shit is mine, unless it says it is. :]